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Server Details

Postby Sprocket » Mon Oct 31, 2016 12:57 am

The server is running but currently being worked on. As the server comes along I will be posting changes and feature the server will have. People are welcome to login and play around during this process.

Things Changed from Retail Interlude:

-Rates:450x Exp/450x Sp/250x Adena
-Global Gatekeepers
-Custom Npc Shops
  • 1 Piece Armor Safe +4/ Max +12
  • Armors Safe +3/ Max +12
  • Jewels Safe +4/ Max +12
  • Weapons Safe +7/ Max +22
-New Characters Start At Level 52
-Auto Learn Skills
-Infinity Shots & Arrows
-Level 44 & Lower Mobs No Longer Spawn.
-Level 69 & Lower Raids No Longer Spawn.
-Modified DVCs. (Removed Paralyze and Cancel from Mobs.)
-Added Mob Level In Title.
-Added a Second Barakiel Spawn location.
-Added Custom Tattoos
-Added Custom Armors
-Raids 70+ Non-Quest Respawn 3-5 Hours.
-Raids 70+ Non-Quest Change on Dropping Raid Jewels.
-S Grade Enchant Scrolls Drop in Forge Of Gods & Imperial Tombs.
-Olympiad Requires A Farmable Non-Tradable Token To Join Matches. Helps Prevent Feeding.
-Raids Won't Silence or Paralyze You For Being To High Of Level.

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