Genesis Server Information
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Frequently Asked Questions
The server is running but currently being worked on. As the server comes along I will be posting changes and feature the server will have. People are welcome to login and play around during this process.

Things Changed from Retail Interlude:

-Rates:450x Exp/450x Sp/250x Adena
-Global Gatekeepers
-Custom Npc Shops
  • 1 Piece Armor Safe +4/ Max +12
  • Armors Safe +3/ Max +12
  • Jewels Safe +4/ Max +12
  • Weapons Safe +7/ Max +22
-New Characters Start At Level 52
-Auto Learn Skills
-Level 35 & Lower Mobs No Longer Spawn.
-Level 69 & Lower Raids No Longer Spawn.
-Modified DVCs. (Removed Paralyze and Cancel from Mobs.)
-Added Mob Level In Title.
-Added a Second Barakiel Spawn location.
-Added Custom Tattoos
-Added Custom Armors
-Raids 70+ Non-Quest Respawn 3-5 Hours.
-Raids 70+ Non-Quest Change on Dropping Raid Jewels.
-S Grade Enchant Scrolls Drop in Forge Of Gods & Imperial Tombs.
-Olympiad Requires A Farmable Non-Tradable Token To Join Matches. Helps Prevent Feeding.
-Raids Won't Silence or Paralyze You For Being To High Of Level.

It is essential that every player read and understand the rules and regulations of the server before creating an account. You, as a player are expected to know all of the rules. With that in mind, any example of a rule being broken by any player, can and will result in consequences ranging from chat bans to character/account deletion.
The GM Staff will not be responsible for any problems with how the game works or connection with the server. The server is 100% free, so GMs do not want any player to set up pretensions about the availability of the server. Servers GMs do their best to make it work as well as possible and be devoid of any errors. The server is worked on constantly, hence some errors may occur. A player taking advantage of that will be banned from the server. A player to find any bug is obligated to inform a GM.
I. AlternativeL2 STAFF
1. Do not ask any staff members for items, adena, mobs, or exp. They are not allowed to give out anything.
2. Insulting anyone from AlternativeL2 Staff will be punished accordingly.
3. Decisions made by GM staff are final, do not criticize the GM's.
4. Pretending that your one of AlternativeL2's Staff members is a bannable offense.
5. Clans/alliances, or players are not allowed to have a GM crest or have anything to do with GM in their name. Clans/Alliances, or players caught doing so will be dissolved and the leader/players in question will be banned.
1. Exploiting (using server bugs, and taking advantage from it) is not allowed and will result in account ban.
2. Dual-boxing is permitted but you cannot leave your boxed character afk. You are allowed to box 1 character for lvling or buffing.
3. Botting, hacks, modified clients or any third party programs in any circumstance is not allowed and will lead to account ban. This includes buffbots in clanhalls/towns using 3rd party programs ("i cant dualbox" is no excuse).
4. Hacking into any account will lead to being banned immediately(Applies to Server Side Hacking of Accounts - Player are responable for Securing there own Pc) so give your login and password to anyone at your own risk.
5. Using racial slurs or sexual harassment is forbidden, if you are caught doing this you will be chat banned for a period of time.
6. No private shops around the NPCs, doors and gateways. Any shop blocking this will be removed.
7. Pick up all of your drops, do not throw your items away on the ground. If you are caught littering the floor in any way you will be sent to jail.
8. Spawn attacking/killing isn't allowed, this also includes clan wars. You have to wait 30 seconds to attack a person who just spawned. If you get caught doing this you will be fossilized or sent to jail. If before the 30 seconds are over any sign of being loaded is seen (potion/talking/moving/...), you can be attacked even though you are on the spawn point.
9. You are not allowed to train raid bosses out of their place at any time.
The AlternativeL2s Staff reserves it's right to amend any and all rules.
1. Do not spam the forum.
2. To keep this community accessible for everyone the only permitted language on the forum is English.
3. Before posting questions or problems make sure no one else posted it already.
4. Do not use obscene photos on your profile or when you post a topic and/or message.
5. Signatures/Avatars that are offensive or are disrupting the forum will be removed by the admins without giving notice.
6. Keep flaming limited, watch your language, there are younger players using it as well.
How do I connect to AlternativeL2?

Check out our "Getting Started" area for a few easy steps to get you playing in no time at all.

For our complete FAQ, visit our forum FAQ Section.

  Welcome to AlternativeL2! If you are new to the community, heres a few things to get you started.  
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